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Захоплююча пісня Асафа Авідана з неймовірною атмосферою і глибоким змістом.

My life is like a wound
I scratch so I can bleed
Regurgitate my words,
I write so I can feed
And death grows like a tree
That’s planted in my chest
Its roots are at my feet,
I walk so it won’t rest
Oh, baby I am lost
I said oh, baby I am lost
I try to push the colours
Through a prism back to white
To sync our different pulses
Into a blinding light
And if love is not the key.
If love is not a key
I hope that I can find
A place where it could be
I know that in your heart
There is an answer to a question
Which I’m not as yet aware that I have asked
And if that tree had not drunk my tears
I would have bled and cried for all the years
That I alone have let them pass
And oh, baby I am yours
I said oh, baby I am yours
And oh, baby I am yours
I said oh, baby I am yours

wound рана

to scratch дряпати, чесати

to bleed (bled-bled) – кровоточити

to regurgitate – 1) сліпо щось повторювати, навіть не проаналізувавши інформацію 2) повертати назад проковтнуту їжу

to feed (fed-fed) годувати

to grow (grew-grown) рости

to plant садити (рослину)

chest – груди, грудна клітка


to rest відпочивати, покоїтися

to sync (розмовне від synchronize) синхронізувати

blinding сліпучий

to be aware усвідомлювати, знати

to let (let-let) – дозволяти

to pass проходити, проминати

tear сльоза

to cry 1) плакати 2) кричати

Songwriters: Asaf Avidan
Different Pulses lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

Video channel : Asaf Avidan

Категорії: музика

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